As the season of advent gives way to a new year, we’re presented with 365 brand new days to fill.

This time of year can naturally lead us reflect on the past 12 months.

There will be achievements and milestone to celebrate, memories – good and bad – and maybe some regrets too.

But a new year gives us an annual opportunity to look towards the future too. To dare to dream and to hope once more. If the year passed has been a difficult one, it takes courage to look for hope as we open the door to the next. But having vision for this next season doesn’t necessarily mean writing a 10-year plan to become debt free or setting a deadline to start a new career. It’s about the small but mighty things too. Having vision for the year ahead gives us focus, generates hope and helps us to see beyond the right now.

Here are ten questions to ask each other as you prepare to step into a new year:

  1. What is one thing that we need to start doing in this next year?
  2. What is one thing that we need to stop doing in this next year?
  3. What do we want to give our time and attention to in this next year?
  4. How can we show kindness and generosity to each other and to those around us in this next year?
  5. What small things can we do to make this next year special?
  6. How will we invest in our relationship during this next year?
  7. Are there any traditions that we could start next year?
  8. Do we have any big goals that we’d like to achieve by this time next year
  9. What is the biggest dream that we have for next year?
  10. How can we be intentional about making memories in this next year?

What you’re facing at the moment might feel overwhelming – know that we all feel that way at times and that it won’t last forever. As time passes, so do the seasons of life. Having vision for the year ahead can help us find purpose in each day, to appreciate the good and to get through the tough.

So, in this time of anticipation and expectation, what will you look forward to?

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