Four sessions to help you and your child understand, recognise and handle anger safely and healthily.

Anger can threaten family life. Heated words, unresolved arguments, fights and an uneasy home atmosphere can cause families to lose trust in each other and drift apart.

How does it work?

The first two sessions will help you understand anger as a natural emotion and how you can handle this safely using practical strategies and the idea of an anger river. The final two sessions look at equipping you to help your child understand how anger affects them, how to recognise when they enter the anger river and practical and tested ways of handling anger safely and healthily.

What’s in the course?

The course helps both parents and children understand how to manage their anger in safe and healthy ways.

The first two sessions focus on parents, helping them to understand how to model managing their own anger before they look at helping their children to manage their anger. We look at what triggers anger and how to respond in helpful ways to avoid making things worse.

We introduce the idea of an anger river and to notice the danger signs and how to stay safe. We also look at practical, proven strategies that will help us to get out of the anger river or when we’ve gone over the edge of the waterfall.

The final two sessions look at children and their anger, helping parents recognise the importance of boundaries and noticing their child’s feelings. By using the anger river, children are helped to recognise the signs of anger and given practical ways to help them stay out of the river and also what to do when they find themselves in the anger river.

Session titles:

  • Session 1 – Managing our anger Part 1
  • Session 2 – Managing our anger Part 2
  • Session 3 – Helping children manage their anger Part 1
  • Session 4 – Helping children manage their anger Part 2

Have a look at sample pages from the Time Out for Parents: Handling Anger in the Family parent handbook and facilitator manual by clicking on the images above.

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