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Time Out for Parents: Dads

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If you are a dad, this course is for you!

Five workshops focussing on the importance of dads and helping you to build an even better relationship with your children.

“This course has been an excellent eye-opener in terms of understanding my role as a father and also the needs of my children.”

How does it work?

Whether you’re parenting as a couple, a single parent or away dad, this course aims to help you share your feelings and experiences and come up with solutions to your problems based on what works for you.

What’s in the course?

You’ll look at how you can improve your understanding of how to meet your child’s needs, including learning and development. You’ll explore other key aspects including building self-esteem and positive communication, setting and maintaining boundaries, and managing your child’s behaviour.

There’s also time to think about how your role might change as your child grows and ways to build a healthy relationship with the wider family.

Workshop titles:

  • What are dads for?
  • Dad – the manager
  • Dad – the coach
  • Dad – the trainer
  • Dad – the team player

“Lots of useful tools and techniques that I can apply. Lots of shared experiences with local dads.”

Have a look at sample pages from the Time out for Parents: Dads facilitator manual and parent handbook below:

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