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Widowed Young Online Support Events

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Support for you in your home.

Our special online support events are for those who have lost a partner at a young age.* They give hope and practical help on your grief journey and provide an opportunity to be with people who understand first-hand the pain of loss.

Being able to share or simply listen to others in a safe, supportive environment is an ideal opportunity to discover some fresh perspectives and to renew your strength, purpose and hope for the future.

“It was very comforting to know that the feelings I currently have are normal in this situation.”

What to expect on the day

Our events start at 9.40 am and end by 3.15 pm. There are three sessions with rest breaks between. The three sessions cover:

  • The feelings and emotions associated with loss
  • The power of storytelling
  • Finding comfort, hope, and a way forward.

There will be opportunities to share informally in small groups and listen to talks from people who have experienced the same loss as you.

“Really helpful to talk to people who are further along in the journey – it shows that there is hope.”

Meet the team

Steve is Care for the Family’s Widowed Young Support Coordinator.

Having been widowed young in 2007, Steve has personal experience and understanding of the grief journey. He leads a team of befrienders and together they offer support and encouragement to those suffering the loss of a partner early in life.

Steve Smart

How it will work

The events will be led by members of the Widowed Young Befriending team who have all experienced the loss of a partner early in life. They are there to welcome you and are available to listen, walk alongside you and help you on your journey towards hope and a rebuilding of your life.

Our online support events cost £15** and bookings are made through Eventbrite.

The events take place on Zoom. Once booked, we will send you full details of how to access the event, together with everything you’ll need to make it a unique and supportive experience.

* Widowed Young Support events are available to anybody who has lost a partner up to and including the age of 50 or older if you still have dependent children.

** Why do we charge? When Covid-19 first struck we made the decision to make our online events available to as many people as possible, and as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we made them free. As a charity we knew we could not sustain this approach indefinitely. So, if you can afford to pay for a ticket, please choose that option. If that isn’t possible at the moment, then please select the free ticket rate. We never want money to be the reason you are unable to access our resources and support

Booking information

Care for the Family’s primary purpose is to strengthen family life in the UK and the Isle of Man. Whilst this event is available online, unfortunately, on this occasion we are unable to take bookings from anyone who is residing outside the UK and the Isle of Man. For more details please click here.

For further support, please visit our COVID-19 support pages.

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