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Widowed Young Support weekend

Whether your spouse or partner has died recently or some time ago, one of the most positive things you can do is to create some time and space just for you. Many have found our Widowed Young Support Weekends to be the ideal time and place to do just this.

From the moment you arrive, you will be in the company of others who will welcome you and make you feel completely secure to share as much or as little as you feel able throughout the course of the weekend.

Many people find that by committing to a whole weekend away, they are able to experience quality time in which to seek healing and comfort from sadness, hurts and disappointments. It is an ideal opportunity to make caring friendships with people whom you could turn to for understanding and support in the future.

“It was very comforting to know that the feelings I currently have are normal in my situation.”

Time to learn from each other

Over the weekend there will be opportunities to listen to practical suggestions about how to live through bereavement and loss including sessions on:

  • Responding to feelings of guilt, anger and despair
  • Strategies to help overcome the pain of loss and shattered dreams
  • Comfort, hope and finding a way forward
  • Practical ideas to help us cope in the tough times
  • Supporting our children through their personal loss
  • Thinking about a new relationship
  • The different issues faced by men and women

Our weekends take place in a welcoming and peaceful setting – the ideal place to offer you comfort and reassurance, no matter where you are on your bereavement journey. Each year our venues are carefully chosen to cater for your needs. All accommodation is en-suite and you will find plenty of opportunities there to rest and enjoy times of refreshment.

Meet the team

Steve and Paula Smart have hosted Care for the Family’s Widowed Young Support weekends since 2011. They met on a Widowed Young Support weekend in May 2008 and were married in October 2009. They each have two children from their first marriages.

Having both been widowed young in 2007, Steve and Paula bring a great amount of experience and understanding of the grief journey to the support weekends.

Steve and Paula

Steve and Paula are joined by a dedicated team of befrienders who have all experienced the loss of a partner early in life. They are there to welcome you and are available to listen, walk alongside you and help you on your journey towards hope and rebuilding your life.

Widowed Young Support events are available to anybody who has lost a partner up to and including the age of fifty – or older if you still have dependent children.

Details about our 2022 support weekend will announced here soon.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

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