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The Mum Show

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Watch anytime: 9.00 am 8 February until midnight 30 April

Someone once said, “Motherhood is not for the fainthearted” – and boy do we agree! Before this pandemic swept the nations, being a mum was both the most rewarding job in the world, but also often one riddled with exhaustion, self-doubt, and fear. And now in this crazy season, not only are we mums, but teachers, playmates and entertainers.

It’s not an easy time, but we want to say to mums across the country that you’re not alone – there are others out there who can offer help and advice. So this February we’re launching something very special just for you!

The Mum Show is a twelve-part series on being a mum in today’s world … whatever that may look like. Each thirty-minute episode will feature honest conversations, moments of soul-searching, expert advice and even the occasional light-hearted digression. The first episode, Parenting in a Pandemic, will be released on 8 February, after which you’ll have access to the rest of the series.

Parenting in a Pandemic will explore the impact this season has had on our lives as mums. We look at the challenges you’ve faced having to work from home and look after the kids, as well as how your children have coped with isolation, loneliness and anxiety. Perhaps you and your family have found this an incredibly positive experience. Whatever your position, this episode – and indeed this series – will help you lead your family, so that everyone feels seen, heard and loved.

The speakers

Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill is the UK director of Care for the Family. She is a well-known speaker, broadcaster and author of a number of books. She is married to Richard and they have four grown-up children and two grandchildren.

Marina Magdalena is the creator and host of The Mum Show. She is mum to Lilia and Reuben, and spends her days running while home educating the kids.


Hope Plumb is mum to three children (including twins!) and the co-director of Elayos, a doula charity based in Birmingham that supports perinatal women who are isolated and vulnerable.

You’ll come away with …

Strategies for managing both you and your family’s stress and anxiety levels.

A more positive outlook on this difficult time and an ability to focus on the good things.

Practical tips to help you and your child process the mental and emotional impact of the pandemic.

A reminder that you’re not alone and that there’s help out there – especially for new and vulnerable mums.

A recognition that this pandemic can build resilience and resourcefulness in you and your child’s lives.

Ideas on how to rebuild life after lockdown – deciding which habits and activities to pick up again and which to leave in your pre-lockdown life.

Is it for you?

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, a working mum, a busy mum, a tired mum, a new mum or a seasoned mum, you’ll find this show incredibly helpful. We all need reminding that we’re not on this journey alone – there are others out there who can offer help and advice. We don’t have to know it all.

Watch the whole series

After signing up to Episode 1 the whole series will become available for you to view. Here’s what you can look forward to …

  1. Parenting in a Pandemic (launch episode)
  2. Families that Flourish
  3. Early Child Development
  4. Middle Years and Teens
  5. Feeling Free to Feel
  6. Love Because
  7. Empathy
  8. Compassionate Discipline
  9. Let’s Talk about Sex
  10. When Everyone Falls Out
  11. Stressed Out!
  12. Cheering Each Other On

Book now

The Mum Show is completely FREE to book. Episodes are thirty minutes long and the link to view Episode 1 and all other episodes will be in your email confirmation. You can watch the episodes anytime from 9.00 am 8 February until midnight 30 April.

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The Mum Show
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