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Heart of Communication

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Our 2019 tour is now finished but here’s a taster of what to look forward to next year:

The ability to connect with an audience is an essential element of public speaking. Yet it is possible for an effective presentation to be delivered without affecting those who hear it. Nevertheless, there are ways that even the most proficient speakers can enhance their communication skills.


Rob Parsons is going on tour to share insights from over fifty years of experience. He will unpack methods that will help any public speaker to better grasp not only how to speak to the head, but to the heart.


Having spoken to well over a million people around the world, from multinational organisations to church congregations, he has fine-tuned approaches that can help anyone wanting to grow in this area.

The speaker.

Rob Parsons, OBE, is the founder and CEO of Care for the Family. He is a bestselling author of over 20 books including the The Heart of Success and The Sixty Minute Father.

You’ll come away with …

A better understanding of how to prepare well

Creative ways to utilise the power of the story

Ways to avoid the most common distractions

Insight into knowing why we ‘lose’ an audience

A fresh passion for transformative communication

Is it for you?

This event is for anyone who communicates in church but many of the principles are transferable for people who speak in any context.

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