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Take A Break Holidays

We are as disappointed as you that we have had to take the difficult decision not to run our Take a Break holidays again this year, 2021. We hope that we will be able to run these hugely popular events again in 2022. Watch this space!

Year after year single-parent families come on a Take A Break with us to spend time together making new memories and having great fun, whether it’s canoeing, raft building or climbing. And that’s just a few of the outdoor activities that Take A Break offers you. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends as you enjoy these experiences alongside other single parent families.

Many of the families who have been on Take A Break say that it is the best holiday they have ever had. Read one mum’s story here

Take A Break FAQs

Who is a ‘single parent’?

A single parent is a man or woman who is widowed, divorced, separated or unmarried. They have a child/children who may or may not live permanently with them and they or may not be the child’s primary caregiver.

Will we have our own room or will we have to share with another family?

You and your family will have your own room but at some centres you may have to share a bathroom.

Will I have a chance to get some down time on my own?

For the overall holiday you will be with and responsible for your child/children at all times. However, there will be a few scheduled opportunities at each centre to have some time with the other parents without your children when they are being supervised by instructors.

Will I as a parent have to participate in the activities?

We really hope you will want to do all the activities as they are great fun and help to strengthen family relationships. Some of the activities are challenging and we will never make you do something you are not comfortable doing. If you have a medical condition and are unable to participate in some activities the instructors can accommodate this.  You will however need to go with your children, encourage them, make sure they listen to the instructors and stay safe.

Is smoking allowed at the Centres?

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the buildings or rooms at any Centre. You may smoke outside, and some Centres have designated smoking areas.

Can I bring alcohol to the Centres?

No alcohol or drugs (other than those prescribed by a GP) may be brought into any of the Centres.

My child can’t swim very well. Is it OK for him to come on Family Afloat?

Yes, it is. All those participating in water-based activities must wear a buoyancy aid which will keep them afloat until they are attended to by a member of the team, regardless of whether they can swim or not. If being on the water is a concern for your child, please contact us to talk this through before booking your break.

How much money will I need when on holiday?

The accommodation, food and activities are all provided within the cost of the holiday. However, at some centres you will go off site and you may want a little money for souvenirs or an ice cream at the beach.

What happens in the evenings?

This is dependent on which activity centre you choose.  Often there will be family entertainment, including games or a film, or an evening just for parents.

Is this a group holiday?

Take a Break Action Holidays are family holidays made even better by sharing the experience with other single parent families.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, all deposits are £50 and are required to be paid when you book your holiday.

When do I need to pay the final balance?

The remaining balance needs to be paid in full by 31st May 2022.

Can I share a lift with someone?

Travelling to and from the activity centre is your responsibility. Due to data protection we are not able to give out the details of any other families who would be attending your holiday for a lift share.

Can you help me organise and pay for my travel to the centres?

The price of the holiday does not include travel so you will need to budget for this and organise transport yourself. Most centres have arrangements to meet people from the closest rail station or bus stop.

Can I arrive at the centre a day early or stay a day later?

Unfortunately not. The centres host visitors before and after our Take a Break Action Holidays and will need to get their rooms set up and ready for their next guests.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Most centres have Wi-Fi, but you will have to ask what the policy is for guest use.

Can I bring a Carer with me if I pay for them?

The centres have a limited number of rooms and some of the rooms are very small.  In most cases we could not provide a separate room for a Carer.  Please contact us to talk about your needs.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Unfortunately not, however some venues may be able to accept assistance dogs. Please contact us to find out more.

Are there any washing machines at the centres?

Most centres have drying rooms for your clothes if they get wet and muddy. It is advisable to bring enough clothes to cover the whole week without the need for washing them as many centres do not offer the use of washing machines.

How active is the holiday?

The holidays are very active and you will have opportunities to be doing different activities every day. If you have any concerns about your or your children’s level of fitness or ability to complete activities, please contact us to discuss this.

Will I be with my child/children for the entire holiday?

For the most part, yes. However, there will be scheduled opportunities at each centre to have some time with other parents without your children whilst they are being supervised by instructors, for you to be able to attend things such as a cream tea or an evening out bowling. These activities vary on different holidays. For the overall holiday, however, you will be with and responsible for your child/children at all times.

Can I leave the centre with my children to go and do other activities?

We do not encourage this as the holiday is a group holiday. The week is planned out in advance so that you get the maximum benefit out of the week.

Already booked a Take A Break holiday… what next?

Download the following info to help you prepare for your upcoming Take a Break holiday!

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