Building your child’s emotional wellbeing

Young people are facing unprecedented levels of pressure, from school, from their phones and from their peers. All of which are having a detrimental effect on their mental health.

A Mind of their Own will give parents, carers, and anyone working with young people, practical and preventative tools to understand these pressures and help your children build strong emotional resilience and healthy mental wellbeing.

You’ll leave with …

  • A greater understanding of the pressures affecting your child and the impact this can have on their mental wellbeing
  • Tools to help your child build resilience that enables them to bounce back from challenges, grow in emotional strength and move forward in their character development.
  • Ways to talk to your child about positive body image
  • An appreciation of how vital your child’s identity is and strategies to help them become confident in it
  • Tips to help your child learn to deal with failure and criticism well
  • The knowledge that negative thought patterns can be rewired to become more positive

What is this event about?

Get a feel of the event and why other parents loved it …

'I loved the practical advice offered during each session. Short and easy ways to remember strategies during the thick and thin of everyday life.'

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