For a vibrant and lasting marriage

Could your relationship be on autopilot?

Drifting apart is one of the biggest reasons why many couples decide to call it quits. But there are simple ways to prioritise each other and stop just going through the motions. In this event, we’ll share practical ideas of how to communicate well, deepen connection and intentionally set the course for your relationship.

You’ll leave with …

  • Ideas of how to stay intentional about choosing each other in the busyness of life
  • Proactive ways to build the marriage you both want
  • Tools to help you invest in your sex life and build emotional intimacy
  • Insight into how your communication styles may differ and ways to effectively communicate your needs
  • Encouragement that all couples struggle – it’s not a sign that your relationship is failing

We believe this event will help you in the now, and over the long haul.

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