‘A masterclass in public speaking’

Join Rob Parsons as he brings together his 50 years of public speaking experience and unpacks methods that can help any speaker create an authentic connection with their audience.

You’ll leave with …

  • Tried and tested techniques for better preparation
  • Creative ways to utilise the power of storytelling
  • Tactics for avoiding the most common distractions
  • Insight into the power of vulnerability
  • An understanding into why we lose an audience
  • The ability to discern the ‘two types of critic’
  • A fresh hunger for inspirational communication
  • Methods for communicating effectively to camera

Hear from Rob why this event is for all public speakers

Get a feel of the event and why others loved it …

‘Really accessible, practical and engaging.’

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If you enjoy hearing Rob speak and don’t live near any of these locations, you may also enjoy his other tour event An Evening with Rob Parsons.

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