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Journeying Together

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A free training resource to help strengthen and develop your toddler group

In every community we will find families in need of love, friendship and support. Parent and toddler groups have the incredible opportunity to open their doors to welcome and serve families as they journey through the ups and downs of family life.

As we serve our communities, it’s so good to take time to reflect upon why we want our toddler groups to exist and to think about the impact we have on families’ lives.

This resource has been designed to help us to do that. We want to equip you as toddler group teams to come together to dream, discuss and plan what your unique group could become.

Throughout the four sessions we will discover:

  • The importance of vision – writing, cultivating and communicating the vision to the whole group and toddler group community.
  • How developing a culture of support and well-being brings health and longevity to the whole group.
  • How to work well together as a team – having clear expectations about the different roles and responsibilities and a focus on developing every team members’ strengths and interests.
  • What we want our group sessions to look like, what areas of community support we want to provide, and how we can connect our toddler group families to a faith community.

The resource includes:

  • Video sessions
  • A Session Guide – with step-by-step instructions to take your whole group through each session
  • Downloadable development tools – to assist you as you strengthen and develop your toddler group team and community

We have also included a COVID-19 pandemic-specific session to help our toddler groups navigate those next steps as restrictions ease.

Journeying Together - Pandemic session - web image

Additional session: Beyond the Pandemic

This session has been designed for toddler group leaders and their teams, as they navigate the next steps for their toddler group community beyond the pandemic.

Our hosts and panel guests:

Helen Lock - Journeying Together

Helen Lock is the Playtime Coordinator for Care for the Family. She is passionate about supporting and resourcing toddler group teams. She is married to Steve and they have four children.

Claire Burton - Journeying Together

Claire Burton is a Faith in the Family Project Manager for Care for the Family. She primarily focuses on the Kitchen Table Project, which equips and encourages parents as they nurture their children’s faith at home. Claire has led several toddler groups and loves seeing the impact they can have in building community. Claire is married to Lawrence and has two daughters.

Andrew Ginn - Journeying Together

Andrew Ginn is a Baptist minister and helps lead the 1277 Network and the Baptists Together Children, Young People and Families Round Table. He enjoys running and trying to play the piano.

Jo Gordon - Journeying Together

Jo Gordon is the Founder and CEO of Daniel’s Den which is a parent and toddler charity. She has a vision to see a parent and toddler group within walking distance of every family in the UK.

Ursula Wastall - Journeying Together

Ursula Wastall leads a church in Wolverhampton with her husband Tony, and also runs a stay-and-play group called Small Wonders. She is passionate about nurturing, encouraging and supporting families, working with children with additional needs, and training and supporting foster carers. Ursula is a wife, a mum of four, a grandma and a foster carer.

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