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Guides for churches

Take a look at our free booklets which are designed to give you a user-friendly guide to various issues that may arise among parents in your toddler group. Topics include bereavement support, perinatal mental health issues, and how to support parents of children with additional needs.

Toddler group stories

Father's Day Celebration cover

Father’s Day celebration

Here are some ideas to celebrate Father’s Day with your group (or to use at a summer picnic) and to encourage parents (particularly any dads, grandpas or other male figures present) to spend time and have fun with the children in their lives.

Noah's Ark

Noah’s ark

Here are some ideas for your toddler group based on the story of Noah. It presents the flood as God’s ‘spring clean’ of a world spoiled by people’s unkindness. It might fit in well with the themes of colours, animals or when the weather has been particularly wet!

Zacchaeus Finds a Friend

Here are some ideas for a toddler group session based on the story of Zacchaeus. It might fit in well with the themes of friends, saying sorry, sharing, the seasons (autumn leaves) or a summer Teddy Bear’s picnic under shady trees.

Jonah and the Whale

Here are some ideas for a toddler group session based on the story of Jonah and the Whale. This storybook contains all you need to run a group session; the story, crafts, games, prayer and take home sheets for parents to go over the story at home.

Mary and Martha Story

This engaging story of Mary and Martha brings out the importance of making time for God, and how God loves his children to talk to him. It contains an interactive story, take home for parents/carers, a game and prayers.

Palm Sunday Celebration

Here are some ideas to help your toddler group celebrate Palm Sunday. Telling the story from the point of view of the little donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem will enable the children to “feel” all the noise and excitement of that day.

Toddler Light Party!

If you’re running a Light Party on or around the 31st October, here are some ideas to celebrate the gift of light that we see in the world around us, and to introduce the idea that Jesus is the Light of the World.

Toddler Celebration

Summer Toddler Celebration!

Here are some ideas for an end of term toddler praise service to give thanks for friendships made during the year and to say ‘goodbye’ to any leaving the group.

It is based on the story of Jesus blessing the little children.

His love is for everyone

Teddy’s Easter Surprise!

Here’s an interactive story to use at a toddler group Easter celebration or for families to use at home. The account of the caterpillar provides a simple metaphor for the Easter story. The story leads well into an Easter egg hunt!

A Party for Baby Jesus

A Party for Baby Jesus

An interactive nativity story for a toddler group Christmas party or celebration or for families to use at home.

Praise Songs for Toddlers

Essential Christian have teamed up with Playtime once again to create a special selection of praise songs for toddlers.

These songs are fun, great to dance to, and convey how much God loves us. Another fantastic resource to use within your toddler groups, play schools, churches and families.

Action Songs for Toddlers

Essential Christian have teamed up with Playtime to create a special selection of action songs for toddlers.

With fun and exciting song words, meaningful story content and melodies that are easy to move and dance to, these songs are ideal for toddler groups, play schools, churches and families.

Hero of my Heart

A brand new and original song from Playtime for you teach your toddler group, complete with some funky actions and special guests!

You’re the Hero of my Heart MP3
You’re the Hero of my Heart lyrics

More toddler group stories

Father’s Day story – Based on the Prodigal son.

Mother’s Day story – A Mother’s Day story to use within toddler groups or in church

Harvest story – A Harvest celebration for Playtime 2016

Teddy bears’ picnic – telling the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand

The Easter butterfly – A unique way of telling the Easter story to under-fives

The Day the Queen came to Tea – This has echoes of the Mary and Martha story in the Bible


Bring the little children – Care for the Family is launching an exciting new initiative to support and equip families to nurture their child’s faith at home. As toddler group leaders, this is something we can help families to develop within their own homes.

MOPS – making time for mums

Toddler groups are communities of parents … but when do we ever have time to talk to each other? Jane Whitehorn introduces us to MOPS, a style of parent-toddler group that focuses on enriching us mums as well as our children!

The Good Practice Guide – 2014

A fantastic guide to toddler groups just starting up, as well as established group leaders and their teams.

National Month of Prayer for church toddler groups

The National Month of Prayer provides a focus for both individuals and churches to support church based toddler groups.

Playtime tips – From the 2016 conference

Toddler services

Easter, Harvest and Christmas services told through the delightful stories of ‘Teddy’s Adventures’.

Building blocks

A free resource designed to help your church toddler group think through its vision and develop its potential, and is full of ideas about how you might engage with the parents and carers who attend your group more effectively.

‘You’re always there for me’ – by Joanna Fuchs

A poem for those who may find Mothers’ Day a difficult time.

‘My little hands’ – a poem for Father’s day.

Facebook – a great way to connect with us!

Are there times when you feel isolated while running your group?

Would you like to be a part of a network where you can receive support and encouragement?

Facebook is a really effective way of communicating with other toddler group leaders. You can exchange new ideas, ask questions, make comments and give and receive support.

Why not join the Playtime Facebook group today and become an active participant in meeting new members and sharing your thoughts. It’s easy to do – just visit our Facebook page here . We look forward to hearing from you.

Toddler group questionnaire

This is a great way to get a better understanding of how your families and carers feel about your group. It’s a free download you can edit and tweak to fit your needs.

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