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Faith in the Family Sessions

Building faith in the context of our family; nurturing our children’s faith; taking God’s love to our community; growing as couples in our walk with God. As Christians we want to put these things into practice, but the reality is that among the busyness of family life in our modern world, it can be hard to know how to bring God into it all.

So how can we live out our faith in our daily family life? These stimulating teaching sessions, recorded live at the Faith in the Family conference, explore the issues. Be inspired as these popular speakers share practical tips and real-life examples with honesty and humour.

Rob Parsons – Why it matters

In this session Rob lays a foundation of the importance of faith to family, community and society. Be encouraged to discover the power of prayer and see the value of faith in all aspects of your life.

Philip Jinadu – Making a difference

An inspiring talk from Philip on being ready and equipped to impact the lives of others and how as families we can make a difference to the communities around us.

Gavin Calver – The role of the church

Gavin challenges us to consider how we as the Church can support marriages, parents and families in need. He shares stories of how old and young come together and encourages us that it takes the whole church to raise children in faith.

Katharine Hill – Real families

Katharine shares about the role of the family; pressures from outside and within; and the significance of vulnerability, connection, support and grace.

Philip Jinadu – Opening our doors

Philip looks at how we can make our home a hub of mission to those around us and how our families can serve and love our community. Philip shares from his own life and reminds us that we don’t need to have all the answers, but can be prepared to look for the opportunities.

Gavin Calver – It takes a whole church to raise a child

Gavin helps us see how we can encourage, support and inspire a new generation into lifelong discipleship, exploring the principle that it takes a whole church to nurture faith in children.

Nicky and Sila Lee – Faith in the home

Nicky and Sila explore the opportunities and challenges of living out faith and consider what does authentic faith in the home look like? They share helpful principles from their own lives for marriage, parenting, church family life, friendships, prayer and lifestyle values.

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