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If we are to see children and young people continuing in faith in our churches, we need to enable Christian parents to nurture their children’s spirituality. Parents are their children’s biggest influencers – but many feel ill equipped or simply don’t know where to start.

With the help of 9dot-research, we carried out research to explore the big picture and to hear people’s experiences. Download the report to find out what parents in the UK are currently doing to nurture their children’s faith, and how churches are supporting them in that.

We have also included a number of supplements below. These include a report comparing a spectrum of UK churches and denominations, alongside separate supplements related to Anglican and Baptist respondents, which were the two groups where there was a reasonable sample size for analysis.

Faith in our Families research report

How do parents nurture their children’s faith at home?

Comparisons of UK churches and denominations

What is happening across the spectrum of UK churches and denominations?

Anglican supplement

Analysis that specifically relates to the Anglican Church.

Baptist supplement

Analysis that specifically relates to the Baptist Church.

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