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We are passionate about encouraging and equipping churches to support families, and to achieve that we believe there is also a need to intentionally and specifically reach out and support fathers and father figures.

By creating opportunities for fathers to spend time with their children, churches are strengthening families, invigorating communities and creating opportunities for Christian faith to be shared from one generation to the next.

Many churches use the parent and toddler format as a starting point for this outreach, by setting up a group, typically on a Saturday morning and specifically targeted at dads, father figures and their children.

But Who Let The Dads Out? is not limited to the toddler group format. Each group sets their own age criteria and can use the title for any form of outreach that engages dads, father figures and their children together. And even if you decide to call your group for dads and children something different, you are still welcome to join this movement.

If your church joined Who Let The Dads Out? it would become part of a growing network. It is free to register a group with us and once registered, your church will be able to use the Who Let The Dads Out? name, logo, materials and publicity resources. In addition, the details of your group will be listed on our Directory to help families find you.


We have two guides that will help you explore what running a group might entail, that you can download here:


Click here for a list of frequently asked questions

Register a group

Please create an account by clicking the ‘register a group’ button on the left and select that you would like to register a Who Let the Dads Out? group. After your account is created, simply fill in the form with details about your group. We will get in touch when we have received your information and will confirm when your group can be found on the directory.

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