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Who Locked The Dads In? Zone

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What started as our event title for a WLTDO? group leaders online ‘congress’ in October, is now our go-to zone for advice on supporting dads throughout this pandemic.

We warmly invite you to join our second Who Locked The Dads In? free online event for group leaders/teams. Congress 2 will focus on ways of supporting a father’s wellbeing as we continue to navigate through and emerge from the pandemic.

Event Date: Saturday 6 February

Event Time: 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Event Platform: Zoom

Event overview:

  • Keynote talk by Mark Chester
  • Case Studies from dads who have been helped through WLTDO? groups
  • Research, support and resources
  • Discussion forums

October event video

Click on the video below to watch our October congress for WLTDO? group leaders.

An idea for a different way of doing Who Let The Dads Out?


This idea has originated during the pandemic as a way of continuing to support dads and their children when face-to-face gatherings are restricted, but it could also be used in unrestricted times:

  • to provide more in-depth support to a smaller group of dads from within an existing WLTDO? group.
  • where there is no suitable venue for a WLTDO? group to meet in.
  • when the number of dads you are likely to engage with is small (e.g. in a rural setting).
  • for dads who do not feel comfortable in large groups.

Key features

  1. A WLTDO? leader/volunteer(s) is identified to become the facilitator of a smaller WLTDO? group.
  2. That facilitator identifies about six dads and sends each of them a personal invitation to join the group. Alternatively, the facilitator can issue a general invitation and allocate places in the group on a first-come-first-served basis – or even, if volunteers/resources allow, form several small groups.
  3. Each month, the facilitator(s) sends out an activity to all the dads in their group. If you are resourced to do so you could also send an activity pack containing all the materials that are needed. The dad and child do the activity together in a specific timeframe, e.g. over a weekend.
  4. The facilitator organizes a meet up for the dads to share their experiences – as soon after the activity as possible. This could be face-to-face (if rules permit) or in an online meeting (e.g. Zoom) or by sharing via social media (e.g WhatsApp) group.

Join us!

Join our Who Let The Dads Out? Leaders Facebook Group to access monthly activity ideas.

Covid-19 Guidance for Parent & Toddler groups

COVID-19 Support for toddler groups

Here at Care for the Family we are continually monitoring the guidance across the UK nations, and how some of the church denominations are interpreting and advising on that guidance. Our Covid-19 support page is regularly updated.

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