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Helpful books

There are many helpful books on bereavement and as we are all different, some will be of more help to us than others. Care for the Family’s Bereavement Support team has read all the books on this list, and all of them may contain something that will help.

We cannot recommend a specific book to you because we are not aware of your particular circumstances, and much will depend on whether you are coming from a faith perspective.

We have categorized the books as follows:

  • For bereaved parents
  • For those widowed young
  • General bereavement
  • For families (either to help adults with their grieving children or for adults to read with their children)

All the books are available through bookshops and on the internet, and we suggest you check information and reviews before deciding whether a particular book may be helpful for you. Those books that approach bereavement from a Christian perspective are indicated with (C).

Books for bereaved parents

Lament for a Son (C), Nicholas Wolsterstorff, ISBN 978-0802802941
The Shaming of the Strong (C), Sarah Williams, ISBN 978-1573834070
Always With You, Gloria Hunniford, ISBN 978-0340953976
The Worst Loss, Barbara D Rosof, ISBN 978-0805032413
The Bereaved Parent, Harriet Sarnoff Schiff, ISBN 978-0285648913

Books for those widowed young

A Grief Observed (C), C S Lewis, ISBN 978-0571066247
Death and How to Survive It, Kate Boydell, ISBN 978-0091902575
Living With Loss, Liz McNeill Taylor, ISBN 978-1841191058
Widow’s Journey, Xenia Rose, ISBN 978-0285650985
Surviving Your Partner, Sylvia Murphy, ISBN 978-0955051203 Mum’s List, St John Greene, ISBN 0718158334

General bereavement books

A Grace Disguised (C), Jerry Sittser, ISBN 978-0310258957
Living With Bereavement (C), Sue Mayfield ISBN 978-0745952956
Tracing the Rainbow (C), Pablo Martinez and Ali Hull, ISBN 978-1850784876
Finding Your Way After the Suicide of Someone You Love (C), David Biebel and Suzanne Foster, ISBN 978-031025757-8
Inside Grief (C), Kathy O-Brien, ISBN 978-1860244636
A Special Scar (Suicide), Alison Wertheimer, ISBN 978-0415220279

Books to help families

Keeping Your Kids Afloat When it Feels Like You’re Sinking (C), Cyndi Lamb Curry, ISBN 978-0830734535
Children and Bereavement (C), Wendy Duffy, ISBN 978-0715149980
A Parent’s Guide to Raising Grieving Children, Phyllis Silverman and Madelyn Kelly, ISBN 978-0195328844
Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers, Earl A Grollman, ISBN 978-0807025017
Someone Has Died Suddenly, Mary Williams, ISBN 978-1906409104
Grief Encounter Workbook, Shelley Gilbert, ISBN 978-0954843403
Muddles Puddles and Sunshine, Diana Crossley, ISBN 978-1869890582
Beyond the Rough Rock, Stubbs-Stokes/Baker, ISBN 978-0953912377
Lucy’s Rainbow – A Journey of Hope (C), Judy Hopkins, ISBN 978-1-85078-954-3

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