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Bereavement support for churches

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Supporting bereaved people in a church or wider community is a privileged, but sometimes daunting task for church leaders and lay people. Whether you have many years of working in this area or are relatively new to it, and whatever your understanding of grief processes, we hope this section will be of help as you support those suffering the pain and heartache of loss.

Training outcomes

The aim is that at the end of the course participants will have gained:

  • An understanding of the impact bereavement has in people’s lives and
    the different ways in which individuals commonly respond
  • An understanding of your own experience and reactions to bereavement
  • An understanding of the basic needs of bereaved people
  • The ability to identify the skills, structure and safeguards needed to
    provide appropriate levels of support to bereaved people within the
    context and boundaries of what might be possible within your church
  • Knowledge of the range and types of bereavement support services
    available nationally to be able to signpost bereaved people

Bereavement Care Awareness training for churches

Our recently produced training course for churches, ‘Bereavement Care Awareness’  will give you all the tools you need to support bereaved people in your local community.

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