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Because family life matters

Facing challenges

In all relationships there comes a time when a couple will face challenges, be it illness, bereavement, financial difficulties, issues around raising children, or many others.

In this section you will find support to help you in your couple relationship as you face challenges together.

Marriage Challenge 724x483

Listen to The Marriage Challenge, an audio podcast that features a different guest couple in each episode discussing a particular area of challenge in their relationship. Topics include illness, infertility, adoption, overcoming past hurts, unfaithfulness and more. Find out more.

Couple sitting on bench

Infertility is a difficult journey for many couples. Statistically one in six couples experience some form of infertility, and yet, for those walking through it, it can feel like a very lonely journey. Find out more.

Couple not talking

Support for couples who have grown apart and may feel distant from one another. Read articles and listen to podcasts on keeping going in the tough times, protecting your marriage from the lure of the affair, and how forgiveness and reconciliation is possible after unfaithfulness. Find out more.

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