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These sessions will give your whole team the opportunity to dream, discuss and plan what you want your toddler group community to become. This resource has been designed to take you on a journey, and we would recommend engaging with the sessions and development tools in order. However, each session can stand alone, if your time is limited and you want to focus on a specific area of development.

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Video content

Session 1: Vision

In this session, we discover the value and importance of having a vision, how to write, develop and share our vision, and how we determine our activities with our vision in mind. We’ve also created a simple Vision Development Tool to assist you in the process.

Session 2: Well-being

In this session we focus on the well-being of our team. We discover the value of authenticity as we seek to create an environment where we can be honest and open about what’s going on in our lives. Healthy toddler groups are run by healthy teams. For this session we’ve created a Team Culture Development Tool to help us create this team environment.

Session 3: Our team

In this session we delve into the practicalities of working together as a team. We’ll be talking about the different roles and responsibilities, what expectations we have as leaders and team members, and the various skills and strengths we all bring to the group. We have included a Volunteer Agreement Tool to help with this process.

Session 4: Our community

In this session we look at the different ways we can build and maintain those relationships with the families in our locality. We look at how we strengthen the connection to the local church and how we can bring faith into our group sessions. We have a Toddler Group Development Tool to help us look forwards and strengthen our next steps as a group.

Bonus session: Beyond the pandemic

This session has been created to support your whole team, as you begin to step forward and make plans for the future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll guide you through some key conversations and offer insight into the various ways we can reconnect with families.

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