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The videos feature Mark Chester (Who Let The Dads Out? founder) and Tony Sharp (Who Let The Dads Out? Project Manager). Mark and Tony explore some of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of why and how to support dads, accompanied by interviews with dads and practitioners from across the UK.

Session A

  1. Why fathers?
  2. The biblical basis
  3. The need and what a group could look like
  4. Presenting a proposal to your church

Session B

  1. Building a team
  2. Planning your content
  3. How to get dads to come along
  4. Next steps

Video content


1. Why fathers?

2. Biblical basis

3. The need

4. Presenting a proposal

5. Building a team

6. Planning your content

7. How to get dads to come along

8. Next steps

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