A podcast series especially for Christian couples and parents.

Each episode features Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill discussing ways in which we can build faith in our homes. Covering topics such as praying together as couples, showing hospitality in our homes, what to do when our children question faith and much more.

Episode 1: Praying together

As Christian couples we know that it’s a good idea to pray together, but it’s often something we find difficult to put into practice. In this session we hear from Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill about simple things that we can do to make prayer an important part of our marriage.

Episode 2: Showing hospitality in our homes

Hospitality in the home is something that some of us are better at than others. And yet, as Christians, we recognise that it’s something that we’re all called to do. This session explores how we can work together as couples to best use our homes to serve others.

Episode 3: Four stages of faith

Parents may do their best to pass on their faith to their children, but if their children are to have a real faith they must experience it for themselves. In this session Rob Parsons explains some different stages of faith that a child may go through as their faith develops.

Episode 4: Connecting with God

The way we connect with God and express our faith is deeply personal and unique for each of us. But how does it affect us when our spouse has a completely different way of expressing faith and what are some of the challenges that can cause? This session gives us tips on understanding and accepting the different ways you and your spouse connect with God.

Episode 5: Time with each other

There can be so many demands on our time, with work, family and church commitments all vying for our attention. This session looks at how couples can get the balance right between church, faith and family time.

Episode 6: Questioning faith

Many children who grow up in Christian homes go through a time where they start to question some of the key elements of their parents’ faith. In this session Rob Parsons and Katherine Hill provide valuable advice on how to keep those important lines of communication open during this time.

Episode 7: It's not for me

As Christian parents, we hope and pray that our children will follow our faith. But what if that doesn’t happen? This session explores some key dos and don’ts in keeping our relationship with our children strong if they don’t share our faith.

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