Listed below are some bereavement support courses that you could signpost someone to.

The Bereavement Journey

The Bereavement Journey is a course for anyone who has been bereaved, whether recently or several years ago. It is run by Holy Trinity Brompton, an Anglican church in London, and is suitable for anyone, with or without a Christian faith, after the first three months of bereavement. The course is made up of five evening sessions with short talks and small group discussions, and covers topics including: attachment, separation and loss, the pain of grief, and adjusting to change.

Please check their website for dates of future courses:

The Bereavement Journey is currently being developed so that churches will be able to run courses themselves.


Griefshare is a DVD-based course which churches can purchase and run themselves. There are thirteen sessions, and during each session the group watches and discusses a video seminar featuring top experts on grief and recovery subjects. These include: living with and understanding grief, ways of finding comfort, how to help your family, and practical advice.

Griefshare is a Christian course and is American in origin. There are courses running internationally and in the UK most courses are in Northern Ireland. Please see their website for further information:

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