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Being a mum is not only the most rewarding job in the world, but also often one riddled with exhaustion, self-doubt, and fear. We want to say to mums across the country that you’re not alone – there are others out there who can offer help and advice.

The Mum Show is a twelve-part series on being a mum in today’s world … whatever that may look like. Each thirty-minute episode features honest conversations, moments of soul-searching, expert advice and even the occasional light-hearted digression.

There are parent questions to accompany each episode – just click on the ‘discussion questions’ button to view them as a PDF.

A bit about our speakers:

Katharine Hill is the UK director of Care for the Family. She is a well-known speaker, broadcaster and author, is married to Richard and has four grown-up children. 

Marina Magdalena is the creator and host of The Mum Show. She is mum to two children and spends her days running while home educating the kids. 

Hope Plumb is mum to three children and co-director of Elayos, a doula charity that supports perinatal women who are isolated and vulnerable. 

Emma Browne runs the psychotherapy clinic, Nurtured Minds. She is a mum to two teenage girls and wife to Dave. 

Becky Denharder is project manager of the Kitchen Table Project at Care for the Family. She is mum to two high-energy boys and is married to Chris.

Episode 1: Parenting in a pandemic

Exploring the impact this season has had on our lives as mums. We look at the challenges you’ve faced having to work from home and look after the kids, as well as how your children have coped with isolation, loneliness and anxiety.

Episode 2: Families that flourish

Who doesn’t want their family to flourish, right?! In this episode we unpack how understanding the positive and negative patterns in our family can aid us in making conscious decisions towards helping our family flourish.

Episode 3: Early child development

For many parents those early years can be the toughest and understanding our child’s brain development might not be on our list of priorities! In this episode we offer a helpful tool for remembering what is important in the early childhood years and unpack our need to understand how to connect and nurture a growing brain.

Episode 4: Middle years and teens

Even though those pre-teen and teen years may be tricky to navigate, we need to remember that our children do not yet have fully formed adult brains. We delve into the concept of a growth mindset and look at how helping our children adopt one can be beneficial for us all.

Episode 5: Feeling free to feel

We can all agree that we want our children to be able to express their feelings openly and honestly with us. We discuss what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating an emotionally safe home, and how talking through our emotions will allow our children to grow into well-adjusted adults.

Episode 6: Love because

We all need to know we are loved unconditionally, and this is especially true for our children. We look at some ways we can allow our children to feel secure in our love for them and the impact this has on their brain.

Episode 7: Empathy

Empathy is so important in helping our young people become well-adjusted and emotionally secure adults, who are able to develop healthy relationships with others. We explore how, as mums, we can model this for our children in how we communicate and give them our full attention.

Episode 8: Compassionate discipline

As mums it’s our job not only to help our children stick to the boundaries, but to eventually put their own in place. We discuss how discipline should train and teach our children and allow them to make better choices in the future. We also look at how we need to remain calm when disciplining our children, so we don’t say things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment.

Episode 9: Let's talk about sex

Our children need to know the facts about sex from us, however clumsy or awkward we may feel talking about it. Many children are influenced by the media about sex and relationships. We discuss how it can be helpful to put a plan together before talking about this subject with our children, and how a family media agreement can be a great way to protect what they have access to.

Episode 10: When everyone falls out

Every family has to deal with conflict. We explore how it can actually deepen connection in our family if we set an example of doing it healthily. We also discuss how we can help our children resolve conflict themselves and manage their emotions when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Episode 11: Stressed out!

It can be easy to find ourselves feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Our children can feel just the same! We discuss the importance of looking after our own mental wellbeing and how pressing the pause button can be helpful for us all.

Episode 12: Cheering each other on

Everyone needs encouragement and to know they have the support of their family, no matter what. We look at how we can create a culture in our family where everyone gets cheered on – in the good times and the bad.

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