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TotSlot Training

A brand new resource helping new parents understand attachment

How often have you noticed that a baby can be happy with a friend or relative while mum is absent for a short time, but as soon as she returns the baby will become tearful and reach out for mum to pick them back up!

It can seem strange to us, but it’s actually all to do with attachment – the emotional bond between a parent and a child. The first two years of a child’s life is when the brain is developing at it’s fastest, and this time is key for developing attachment.

Because we take attachment seriously, we have developed TotSlot.

Totslot is a series of ten minute talks looking at the key principles of bonding and attachment, helping parents explore how to develop a close bond with their children. The A3 presentation folder contains cards with one side to face the parents with the key message displayed, and the reverse facing towards the presenter displaying the information needed to present the session. TotSlot is ideal for running in a local setting such as a baby or toddler group.

Read more about Totslot and attachment theory.

Email if you would like any more information or have a general enquiry

We are delighted to continue to offer TotSlot training for £65.

This includes lunch and refreshments.

You will be given a presenter manual, as well as the A3 presenter folder with flashcards and a starter pack of 20 parent booklets.

Topics include an overview of attachment theory, presentation skills and information on the sessions’ content.

Our day begins with refreshments at 9.30am, with training starting promptly at 10.00am and finishing by 3.30pm.

For training dates and locations, please check our Training dates and book your place.


Please note: Care for the Family’s licence to develop the TotSlot resource is for use within the faith and voluntary sectors in the UK. If you are working with families in a statutory sector role, please contact Grobrain for information on their training and materials.

Already a trained Totslot presenter?

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