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Becoming a Partner

What is a Partner?

Anyone who gives regularly to Care for the Family is a Partner. Our Partners can decide the size of the donation and how frequently they would like to give. We have faithful supporters giving anything from £1 a month to £500 a month! No amount is too small or too large. Most of our Partners give a monthly donation, but you may decide that once a quarter or once a year is better for you.

Why become a Partner?

It is an enormous help to us when people are willing to give to us on a regular basis. Knowing that we can count on this support means that we can begin new projects and plan for the future, and more people can be helped. As a Partner, you can also take advantage of the following benefits:

  • 15% off resources
  • Special partners email:
  • Special partners Freephone number: 029 2081 0800
  • New partners receive a ‘Family Tool Kit’ pack of resources as a thank you from us!

How do I become a Partner?

You can become a Partner simply by visiting our Partner page.

What happens if I want to change my Direct Debit or stop it?

If you decide to make any changes to your Direct Debit (amount / account details / cancellation) simply call or write to the Partner Team and we’ll gladly sort it out for you! Contact the Partner Team.

What is Gift Aid?

If you are a UK taxpayer, then Gift Aid is a great way to make your gift go further to Care for the Family. Using Gift Aid will allow Care for the Family to reclaim the basic rate on your gift. This means for every £10 you give, we can claim an extra £2.50. For full information about Gift Aid and whether or not you are eligible, visit our Gift Aid FAQs page.

We can do more together than we can apart!

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