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Left to Their Own Devices?

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A video-based session to help parents address the challenges of the online world.

This 90-minute session is made up of video clips and discussion time which will allow parents to gain an understanding of the online world that our children inhabit.

  • We’ll explore the impact of the digital world on teenagers and younger children
  • Give practical advice on screen time, social media and consumer culture
  • Tackle some of the more serious issues such as online bullying, grooming and pornography

Packs containing all the materials are available to buy, or you can sign up to stream the content free of charge for personal use.

Key themes and topics explored:

  • The advantages of the online world
  • The challenge of time and money
  • The challenge of gaming
  • Conduct, content and contact
  • The challenge of pornography
  • Passing on your wisdom and values

Sessions include:

  • Engaging teaching
  • Insight and top tips from experts
  • Soundbites from children and young people
  • Animations
  • Video content (Available as a digital download, or on a USB memory stick with the resource pack available in our shop)
  • Group Leader’s Guide
  • Session Notes
  • School’s Guide

Left to Their Own Devices? is presented by Katharine Hill and includes interviews with guest experts, Ian Henderson (The Naked Truth Project) and Andy Robertson (Family gaming writer).


Who is it for?

Left to Their Own Devices? is primarily aimed at parents of children of primary or secondary school age. However, parents of younger children are also likely to find this a useful resource.

Who can run Left to Their Own Devices?

This resource can be run by anyone as you don’t need training to deliver it. The Group Leader’s Guide will give you all the information you need to run the session.

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