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Because family life matters
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Courses involving faith

How can we best live out our faith within our family, church and communities?

We have a range of courses involving faith, encouraging you to think about how you can help your children grow up to love God, as well as helping you build genuine friendships with people.

Raising Faith

Raising Faith event thumbnail

Find out more about our Raising Faith resource.

The Wisdom House

The Wisdom House

Video-led resource based on Rob Parsons’ book.

Journeying Together

Journeying Together

Training sessions for toddler group leaders and volunteers.

Getting Your Kids Through Church

6 sessions exploring how to help teens through common difficulties in church life.

Faith in the Family Sessions

Stimulating teaching sessions, recorded live at the Faith in the Family conference.

For more information, resources and support for your faith journey, please visit our Faith in the Family pages by clicking the button below.

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