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The Wisdom House

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Life is hard enough without having to learn lessons the hard way. Rob was reminded of this when his grandchildren were born and realised he’d love the chance to share his life lessons with them. He imagined sitting in front of the fire in his study and having one-to-one conversations with them when they are grown. Perhaps it would be when they’d begun their first job, got married, a friend had betrayed them or their dream had been crushed.

At The Wisdom House Rob welcomes you to listen in. Pull up a chair and get comfortable, because – just maybe – you don’t have to learn the hard way.

You’ll hear stories that will touch your heart and moments to laugh together – any minute of this evening could change your life forever.

The speaker


Rob has travelled the world meeting people from all walks of life and from cultures as diverse as those of New York and Borneo. He has spoken to governments, blue chip companies and over a million individuals. He has also written more than 20 books on family life.

“Don’t be misled. These ‘simple lessons’ are profound and potentially life-changing.” John Gallacher, Professor of Cognitive Health, University of Oxford

“Parsons has a rare gift – he is a true storyteller.” John ArcherComedian and Illusionist

You’ll come away with …

The courage to pursue your dreams.

The confidence to be who you were made to be.

Tips on how to deal with difficult people.

The secret to genuine friendships.

Ideas on how to discover and play to your personal strengths.

You can now watch this event on catch-up!

You can also buy the book in our shop, and access the resource online or buy a physical version.

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