The Wisdom House

The Wisdom House


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The morning after one of his grandchildren was born, Rob Parsons wrote the baby a letter. He wanted to welcome this brand-new person into the world, but found himself sharing a couple of life lessons he thought might be useful.

And then Rob began to think about how he’d love to have the chance to talk with each of his grandchildren when they are grown. He imagined one-to-one conversations with them, sitting in two old armchairs in front of the fire in his study.

Perhaps it would be when they were beginning their first job, buying their first house, getting married or starting a family. Perhaps they’d talk long into the night when their hearts were broken or friends had betrayed them. Perhaps, one day, he could help them piece back together a dream that somebody had trodden all over.

Because – just maybe – you don’t always have to learn the hard way.

Paperback book

Author: Rob Parsons

Number of pages: 192

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