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Couple support

Relationship support for every season

Every relationship is different, but they all experience ups and downs – there are the romantic times when the sun seems to be always shining, and the tough times when winter seems to have set in for good.

We want to meet you where you’re at in your relationship, whether you’re taking your very first steps or have been married for years, in the good times and in the bad.

Take a look in this section for tips, advice and encouragement to support and strengthen marriages and couple relationships.

For articles and videos providing marriage support during the Coronavirus crisis, visit our COVID-19 support page

Couples blog

A couple cuddling

Information and advice to encourage couples in their relationship.



Informative podcasts and discussion questions to support couples on a wide range of challenging topics.

Facing challenges

Facing challenges as a couple

Resources and information to help you find the right support, whatever you’re facing.

Marriage preparation courses

Couple holding hands on wedding day

Take a break from wedding planning to prepare for married life together.

Courses for couples

Courses for Couples

For you and those you know.

Couple resources

Marriage resources

Resources to strengthen and support your relationship.


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Download your free copy of The Heart of Marriage e-book here.

Further support

If you need further support please contact our CareLine. This is a confidential telephone and/or email service which can be accessed by all adults in the UK. Find out more.




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