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COVID-19 Couple support

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We are here for you.

During these unprecedented times, we’re still here to support you and your family through whatever you may be facing – either as a result of the current crisis or due to age old pressures on family life.

Our core values still remain – helping to strengthen marriages, parents and those living with loss. In this new section, we hope you find some ideas, advice and support in this time.

You can also still contact us via social media (Facebook or Twitter), email or by calling 02920 810 800.

Regarding our events, we are aware of the government guidelines and we are working hard to bring our events to you online. To keep up to date with our event news, visit our events page.

Featured Article

We’re in this together – marriage during self-isolation

As this new territory is unmarked and we’ve had no practice or run-through, this season may mark the biggest global stress test our marriages have ever seen. However, here at Care for the Family, we believe marriages can actually come out the other side of this stronger. Yes, there will be huge challenges but if we’re proactive, we can stay the course… Read more



Help Us Support Families Today

As a charity we rely on our partners who help us to support families in both the good times and the tough times. We are so grateful for every gift that we receive. Each one is put to good use encouraging those who are in need of our help.

We know times are uncertain and this may not be possible for everyone, but if you can consider partnering with us please click on the button below.

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