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The Marriage Sessions

The Marriage Sessions is a flexible, four-part, DVD-based resource that explores how a couple can build a fantastic relationship. Whether newlyweds or married for years, this is a fantastic opportunity for couples to invest in and enrich their marriage.

The sessions contain presentations from Rob Parsons and conversations with Katharine Hill who is joined by guests including Nicky and Sila Lee, and broadcaster and author Sheridan Voysey. It can be used for couples’ events and discussion groups or by individual couples watching it at home on their own.

The key themes explored in the four sessions are:

• Cherish –the forgotten vow and how to keep your love alive
• Connect – understanding each other and the art of communication
• Collaborate – dealing with pressure points and handling conflict well
• Commit – love is a choice when the going gets tough

The DVD episodes features:

• Stories from real-life couples
• Conversations with marriage and relationship specialists
• Trusted wisdom from Rob Parsons
• Street interviews

If you’re using The Marriage Sessions with a group, the enclosed Leader’s Guide provides ideas on how to run the sessions, outlines the main teaching points, and provides key questions for discussion.  Each session includes 40 minutes’ DVD material and provides the content for a two-hour stand-alone event. Optional Session Notes for couples are also available, containing key teaching points, top tips and a space for note-taking.

If you have already run a session we’d love to know what you thought – Share your thoughts here.

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If you have attended a session run by someone else we’d love to know what you thought – Share your thoughts here.