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Single Parenting

Feeling overwhelmed, isolated or exhausted? We’re not surprised!

Raising children is hard enough, but if you’re parenting alone, you’re probably facing a whole host of additional challenges. You have the responsibility for your children’s physical and emotional wellbeing as well as your own, and the financial pressures that go along with carrying this by yourself.

Our Single Parent Support Coordinator Kat, who was herself a single parent for ten years, is passionate about supporting those parenting alone, reassuring them that they are not alone and offering hope in difficult times.

Here you will find helpful articles, links to our Facebook community, details of organisations that provide specialised help, what’s on in your area, single parent stories and much more. Let’s walk this journey together.

Kathlene Seney-Williams

      Kat’s book Surviving and Thriving on the

      Single-Parent Journey is out now!

      Click here to find out more.

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Every year we run Take a Break holidays for single parent families.

Offering plenty of new, exciting activities to do together, the prospect of making new friends and the opportunity to have lots and lots of fun, the holidays take place at different activity centres across the UK.

Find out more about Care for the Family’s holidays for single parent families here.

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