Born Free

Born Free


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‘Rarely have I sensed, as I did with Born Free, that a book had been lived out in practice long before it was written out on paper. It is clearly the case that contemporary culture is craving silence, solitude and centredness. And here we have an invitation – indeed an initiation – into a life that is both inspiring and practical, spiritual and human, and beautiful in every way.’
Pete Greig, Founder of 24-7 Prayer International and Senior Pastor, Emmaus Rd Church

Life has never been busier. We become intensely focused on being productive, in a world that judges on performance. When we do that, we forget the things that are really important.

In this empowering book, Katharine Hill brings a wealth of experience and practical, wise advice on how to live freely and lightly. She helps us to find that elusive balance of living wisely with God at the centre while managing demands of family, work and relationships.

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Author: Katharine Hill

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