Love Di - Warmth, Wit And Wisdom ...

Love Di – Warmth, Wit And Wisdom …


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In this heartwarming memoir full of honest, moving and hilarious reflections, Dianne Parsons joins you for the journey as the friend you never knew you needed. Love, Di is a must-read for anyone looking for moments of hope and joy in this unpredictable thing we call life.

With journal pages and thoughtful prompts woven throughout, Di invites you to make this book your own. Her charming writing style will have you laughing out loud one moment, deeply moved the next. Whether you’re facing a storm in life or enjoying the sunshine, this book is the perfect companion for anyone in search of inspiration and encouragement.

So grab your favourite drink, settle in, and let Di take you on a journey you won’t forget!

Hardback book

Author: Dianne Parsons

Number of pages: 153

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