Teenagers! What Every Parent Has to Know

Teenagers! What Every Parent Has to Know


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Rob Parsons has once again produced an extremely helpful and insightful book on the turbulent world of raising teenagers. He includes practical advice for encouraging your child as well as dealing with the really testing moments that these years can bring. It really does cover what every parent has to know!

"In the battlefield that is the parenthood of teenagers, this book is not just wonderfully enlightening, but strangely comforting"

Topics include:

  • Understanding what’s going on in your teenager’s brain
  • Why reading your child’s school report can fool you
  • Keys to dealing with the really testing teenager
  • The big issues: sex, drugs, self-esteem
  • Why teenage boys sometimes act as though they hate their mothers
  • Danger signs for teenage high-achievers

“It was as if somebody turned on a light. This book whispered to me, ‘You’re not the worst mother on the face of the earth. This stuff with your teenager is normal.'”

Paperback book

Author: Rob Parsons

Number of pages: 240

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