What Every Kid Wished Their Parents Knew ... and Vice Versa

What Every Kid Wished Their Parents Knew … and Vice Versa


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For every parent who longs to get inside their kids’ heads … and for all kids who need to understand what makes their parents tick, comes a book from a father and son team that will have you laughing, crying and yelling, ‘It’s not just us!’

Twenty stupid questions that parents ask
‘Where did you lose it?’
Things you wish your teenager would say
‘I think I should take a break from my phone.’
Things you wish your parents would say
‘Why don’t you get your nose pierced at the same time?’
Stuff every parent should know
‘Parties finish at 2-3am, not 11pm!’
Exposing the myth behind …
‘Everybody else’s father’

Rob and Lloyd Parsons originally wrote this book in 1999 when Lloyd was still a teenager and driving his dad crazy! Now Lloyd has three children of his own and Rob is enjoying seeing his son encountering the joys and challenges of parenthood himself – and looking forward with eager anticipation to when his grandchildren are teenagers. Then he’ll really get his own back!

Hardback book

Authors: Rob Parsons and Lloyd Parsons

Number of pages: 103

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