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Bereavement support

Help for those who are hurting

Coping with the pain and heartache of a close bereavement is always difficult – not least when it’s accompanied by a sense of loneliness and a feeling that no one understands. We want to help those who are living with loss to discover hope for the future, and the strength to rebuild their lives and the lives of their families.

Widowed Young Support

Widowed Young Support

Find out about our support for those widowed young.

Bereaved Parent Support

Bereaved Parents Support

Find out about our support for parents who have lost a child.

Bereaved Sibling Support

Bereaved Sibling

Support for bereaved young adult siblings.

Supporting bereaved people

Supporting Bereaved People

More help for bereaved people and those who support them.

Bereavement Care Awareness

Bereavement Care Awareness

Equipping and training churches to support bereaved people.

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