Our high-quality training will equip you to deliver our popular and accessible Time Out for Parents courses. 

Being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging, and all parents at times will benefit from others coming alongside them as they bring up their children. Through our Time Out for Parents courses, we want every parent in the UK to have access to high-quality parenting courses that will equip, encourage and support them through the various stages of parenthood. We are passionate about helping mums and dads not only survive, but to thrive as parents.

Our Time Out for Parents Facilitator training will enable you to support parents and help them build strong and secure relationships with their children.

I always believed that parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual – until I found the Time Out for Parents resources.

Licensed Facilitator

The training is in two parts

On successful completion of Part One and Part Two, we will license you to deliver all of our core Time Out for Parents courses. Licences are issued for two years and are renewed for a further two years when you register at least one course within this time period and return the appropriate course documentation to us.

As a licenced facilitator you will receive ongoing support through dedicated webpages, e-newsletters, a group Facebook page and by phone and email with our Community Training team. 

Part one

This training focuses on the skills to run a group well by giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with groups of parents.
What does it cover?
  • Key underpinning theory and knowledge about group dynamics and the facilitator role
  • An understanding of different learning styles and their place in delivering course material
  • An opportunity to practise facilitating in a small group

Part two

In this training we focus on equipping you to work in partnership with parents.
What does it cover?
  • Giving you an opportunity to reflect on your own beliefs, values and attitudes
  • Providing underpinning knowledge of key theories on the parent-child relationship
  • Exploring practical and positive parenting strategies

The training

In 2022 we are offering online and face-to-face Time Out for Parents Facilitator training.

If you are an organisation and would like your team to attend our facilitator training as a group, please contact us to discuss online and face-to-face in-house training options.

More information

In addition to our core courses we also have a specialist course, Children with Special Needs, which contains additional sessions on both ASD and ADHD. To be licenced to deliver this specialist course, you need to attend an additional one-day training. For more information, click here.

We may be able to approve your prior learning if you have already successfully completed training with a recognised provider. Your training would have to be at a minimum of Level 3 and cover the essential topics in this training course.

If you think you may qualify for approved prior learning, please complete our Approved Prior Learning form.

We are widely experienced with a range of backgrounds in social work, education, health education and special needs education. We meet a minimum standard, qualified to the Training Parent Educators (TPE) Award or equivalent, and have practical experience of working with groups, supporting parents and couples and running parenting courses.

I’m excited! I feel more prepared after today’s training to go and deliver the course in my school.

Training delegate
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