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Crafts and videos

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Take a look through some of our great craft videos and articles to inspire your group:


Leaf Painting – Get creative with nature by making these fantastic leaf paintings.

Gloop – Have fun making a a mess with gloop.

Fun mug – Children will love to make this mug for a family member or friend.

Paper plate crown – This is a simple craft but can look very regal.

More craft ideas

Handbag – Children will love to make their own stylish handbag

Alien Frog
Alien frog
    A fun frog with lots of legs
Balloon People
Balloon people
    Make these balloon characters that everyone will enjoy
Blue whale
Butterfly bookmark
Butterfly bookmark
    A pretty craft activity
Potty Raindeer
Christmas crafts
    A selection of seasonal fun
Dancing frog
Dancing frogs
    A great craft for froggy fun!
Easter card
Easter card
Easter Chicks
Easter chicks
    A handy Easter craft idea
Easter scene
Fathers day bunting
Father’s day bunting
    Celebrate Father's day with this fun bunting
Fathers Day Card
Father’s day card
    A simple, yet effective Father's day card
Father’s Day treasure chest
    A lovely Father’s Day present for children to make for their dads.
Fruit Bugs
Fruit bugs
    A fun and healthy craft activity
Funky t shirt
Funky tie dye T shirt
    Kids will be proud to wear their finished design
Cress head
Grow a Cress Head
    Watch the cress grow in one week
Handy flower
Handy flower
    A handy use of baking cases
Hedgehog paper plate
Hedgehog paper plate
    A lovely autumn craft idea
Mother’s Day heart
    Brighten any mum’s day with this hand-made card that doubles up as a photo or picture frame.
Musical shaker
Musical shaker
    Make your own music with this craft idea!
Olly the Octopus
Palm trees
Palm trees
    These will make great flags to wave
Playdough recipe
    A quick and easy way to create your own playdough
Simple Rocket
    A fun craft activity suitable for very young children!
Floating boat
Sailing boat
    Make and race your own sailing boats
Simple shakers
Simple shaker
    Effective musical shakers for children to enjoy
Spider craft
    These spiders look great when hung from the ceiling
Sunshine sunflower
    Add a ray of sunshine with this summer craft idea
Swan paper plate
    An easy and useful door hanger
Tin drum
    A noisy, musical instrument
Tropical fish
    A great craft for wall displays
Why is craft so important?
    Craft time is a very important part of most toddler groups, for both children and adults.