Free To Be Postcards

Free To Be Postcards


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Based on Care for the Family’s live event for Christian women, these four postcards cover aspects of what it means to be free in Christ.

Each card has a declaration on the front, e.g. ‘I am free to love others, knowing I am loved by God’ along with a verse of Scripture on this theme. The back of the cards has 4-5 bullet points of what this looks like when it’s worked out in our lives.

The red card, ‘Free to be me’, is about choosing to view yourself the way God sees you and living in that freedom.

The grey card, ‘Free to be loved and to love’, covers what it means to know you’re loved by God, giving you the freedom to love others.

The blue card, ‘Free to be real’, looks at the impact on our relationships when we open up and be real and vulnerable with each other.

The green card, ‘Free to be brave’, is a challenge to step out of the chains of the past and into a future where, with God’s help, we can really make a difference in the world.

The postcards work well alongside the Free To Be Study Guide or simply as an encouraging gift for a group of friends.

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